Science? Circus? Sciercus? Critical explores the history of science as well as the scientific principles in circus and in our everyday lives. Join two Australian-born circus artists who try to make use of their science/engineering degrees.

“This show is relatively good.” ★★★ Albert Einstein, 1950.

Winner of the WA circus award at Fringe World 2019. See some show photos here.




Blood, Sweat & Fears

Spinal injuries, broken wrists, dripping with sweat, the adrenaline you feel before being caught only by your feet…

Yip Yip Circus presents an introspective look into the life of a circus artist with all the ups, downs and in-betweens. Join three Western Australian circus artists in a production that features no clown orgies. Promise.

Promo video here.

Photography and design by Kat Wray at



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